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Underwater Volcano Mahangentang

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Underwater Volcano Mahangetang

Underwater volcanoes is one mountain Mahangetang how in the world that is still active and is in waters quite shallow so you can see one of the awesomeness of nature in North Sulawesi. By the local community, underwater volcanoes Mahangetang often referred to as "Banua Wuhu".

Sea Mountain is a mountain that rises from the sea is not rising to the surface until the water (sea surface), nor an island. Commonly found formed from volcanic formation process and appear at depths ranging from 1000-4000 meters from the depths of the ocean floor. At least there are as many as 30,000 sea mounts are scattered around the world, and only a few have been studied.

There are several types of sea mounts division, are:
• Mount Sea (Sea mount), a characteristic elevation of over 1000 feet (1 km) from the seabed.
• Hill - with a height of less than 1000 meters from the sea
• Pinnacle - shaped pillars are smaller.

In the waters of North Sulawesi are otherwise still active is Mount Submarine under the sea west Marore Island that had erupted in 1922, also of Mount Mahangetang (BanuaWalu) which is not far from the island Mahangetang.

In addition, there are mountain waters Niuwewerker Banda (1927). Other underwater volcano is Mount Hobal (1999) in the waters of East Nusa Tenggara, is administratively located in the District mountain Hobal Atedai​​, East Flores regency, East Nusa Tenggara, Lembata Island (another name Lomblem Island.) One of underwater volcanoes is quite shallow in Indonesia is Mahengetang Island, Sangihe, North Sulawesi. Banua Wuhu, as local people call the mountain, located only 300 meters from the southwestern side of the island Mahengetang. The point of the mountain crater is characterized by the release of bubbles in the rocks at a depth of 8 meters. Water temperatures average 37-38 degrees there Celsius  getang (BanuaWalu) which is not far from the island Mahangetang.

In some holes, out of hot water that seems to be able to make their bare hands blistered when try to reach into it. Surfaces in Wuhu Banua hills and valleys are large rock pile. Marine life is equally interesting, dense colonies of coral reefs and healthy lay at a depth of 10 meters to 20 meters. It is said that there is a transparent underwater corridor in both directions. Local communities celebrate tulude each end of January. Two weeks before the ritual, the elders will dive with the white plates of gold as offerings to the hallway so Banua Wuhu not wrath.

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